Sleater Kinney 2021


That video is awful.
You’d think Carrie’s could make something genuinely funny after her Portlandia work.

On a side note… Still selling that tee @JaguarPirate?

oh yeah man sorry, slipped my mind last night - will get back to you after my meeting :+1:

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Still can’t get used to the idea of Sleater Kinney without Janet Weiss which is a real shame. I probably need to get over it as the above song seems good on first listen.


This post in my feed

had me trying to recall seeing K-Pop band BTS in the video before I realised it was short for ‘behind the scenes’ (maybe this is why the band is called that). Ah well, what a crossover that would have been!

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Some interesting bits in here

Going for a mature and tasteful direction

Path of Wellness, the first album Brownstein and Tucker produced themselves, takes cues from Sleater-Kinney’s forebears in punk and classic rock. (Those still looking for more Carrie and St. Vincent lore can check out the forthcoming mockumentary The Nowhere Inn , which stars both.) The title track and opener serves jagged post-punk riffage and disorienting percussion; later, the chugging “Method” swaggers like ‘70s Alice Cooper, while “Down the Line” tries out the start-stop rhythms and “I know it’s all right” refrains of Led Zeppelin’s “Dancing Days.” The songs are lean and tastefully executed; throughout the album, splashes of notes from bass, clavinet, and Fender Rhodes organ add hues without obscuring the primary colors of Tucker and Brownstein’s guitar playing.

Seems like Carrie is more or less confirming what Janet said here

In 2019, Janet Weiss suggested that she had been shut out of decision-making processes in the band and that was why she left . I’m curious how you feel about that characterization.
CB: I mean, anyone who thinks there aren’t multiple perspectives and sides to this is either being willfully ignorant or perhaps lacks their own real-life experience. To be honest, I’m not interested in continuing to talk about something that really seems to revel in female cattiness and conjecture and confirmation bias.

Corin suggesting she’s not a massive fan of TCWH

CT: We’d never really written with keyboards. We tried a lot of different things. I’m not saying they were all successful, but it was different. We were able to take those new skills and put them to use on this new album.

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The article wasn’t wrong, very tastefully executed and completely forgettable.

This one is at least slightly better than the other.

Agreed, but for me it’s still something I don’t think would grab me on its own merits if I didn’t know the band. Bit worrying that these are the lead singles

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Yeah. I’m trying not to feel disappointed and I don’t, cos I don’t really feel anything…


They have made a lot of music that I love and dont wanna be negative so think I will tap out with new SK at this point.


well it’s a good job that lacklustre later-era albums dont stop you from enjoying the earlier ones…

right guys…?


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It sounds like they’ve rolled back on the sound for The Center Won’t Hold but it’s not really got loads of life. I guess maybe the album will zing as a whole but I’ve rarely gone back to the TCWH beyond the lead single.

I mean I still massively enjoy Weezer’s Blue album and I’m sure I still would even if they’d put out any follow up albums even if they were all bad or dull.

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difference being that i would never listen to a later era weezer album, i guess

Oh I thought that’s basically what you were implying but also that it tarnished the early stuff

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Another one that just sounds fine to me.

This review does mention it as one of the weaker songs: