Sleater Kinney 2021

A: New Fantastic Tour
B: Nonessential Fan-servicing Reissue

we’ve re-recorded it with a different drummer!

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Beautiful new cover art!


Aw tell you what though I’m listening to One More Hour now and what a song eh


Love that little smile and nod they share after a particularly spicy line (this song is about their romantic relationship ending isn’t it?)


yeah, feels like a much healthier version of Can’t Stand Me Now - love the tension of someone singing about relationships directly to their band members face, but much more so when it’s from a knowing/accepting place and not somewhere quite as destructive as Carl and Pete clearly were

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Turn it On is an absolute banger too, I love how Janet’s singing along to herself here.

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Ah nice!

Misread one of the covering artists as Tyler the Creator and thought "wow! Can’t wait to hear what that sounds like! "

This is a shame, and slightly weird. Quasi not supporting any more but seemingly still part of the Hitmakers. Maybe pulling double duty was a bit much.

Not quite as gutted that I sold my tickets today now since I forgot I was going on holiday this week when I bought them

If the purchaser wasn’t aware you’ve pulled a blinder :smiley:

Not sure how much I can be bothered to watch Jon Spencer while fostering a vague sense of resentment.

Just seen this. Not me selling, and no affiliation, but seems a decent price. As I got into S-K late, I picked up one of these as an easy way to catch up on the LPs…

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The merch looks great. Hope they make those tees available in uk/eu too.