I’m 13 hbu

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Think we did this already but I start 1 or 16, end up 3 or 10.

4, 5 and 11 being drawings rather than photos is irking me somewhat

probably a 2 btw, albeit facing the other way



Probably closest to:


1 then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5 then 6 then 8 then 9 then 11 then 12 then 13 then 14 then 15 then 16 then 17

Then give up and try reading my book until my eyeballs are raw, then begin the whole thing again but fall asleep probably about 14 before the cat wakes me every 30 mins after that and then the alarm goes off 20 mins into a really good sleep.

That’s a good night.



Do women have to choose 4,5 or 11?


4, 9, 17 and 12. Stomach sleeping is something I only started recently but it’s so comfortable, even with boobs in the way. Definitely credit it for one of the reasons my sleep has improved, its very comforting. Although it makes my back hurt sometimes so I should probably stop

Drop a big no 2 in my bed every night


A bit of all of these to be honest (not number 13 though because number 13 looks like it’s not a thing) Though recently I’m big into number 5, love cuddling my pillow :blush: but then it may change to number 18 if the tv is snoring.

I’ve been told I sometimes sleep like number 6 but with my hands and arms fully enveloping my head, not under the pillow like in the pic.

What number is ‘hanging upside down like a bat’?

Flat on my back with my hands folded over my chest (like a vampire) and with one foot over the top of other (I’ve read this is bad for you for some reason but it’s a habit). Also have to have a neck pillow; bed as firm as possible.

Best case scenario 3 hours consecutive sleep.


This is pretty much me except my hands are in the centre of my chest and folded over each other.

Also must admit i don’t sleep in a hat, except on special occasions,

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Exclusively 4. Find it impossible to sleep otherwise


i’m a 1 or 16 kinda guy myself.



Go to sleep 3 but on the other side, wake up 9 and in arm agony. Every day.