The reunion literally no one asked for


I think @Royter-Hatfood did actually


use to quite fancy louise wener


Same here.


Terrific news!

I was going to that festival anyway.

Six and a half years ago I wrote this thing about the weird trouble I had acquiring one of their albums:


Genuinely think they were one of the great 90s bands.


Bloody hell. I mean, I like a lot of that vintage… I love The Bluetones for example. But I can’t see the need for this.


For what?


Heh. I wasn’t a Sleeper fan especially. But heck, if a lot of people are into it then fair enough I guess.


Sleeper songs I like:

  • Inbetweener
  • What Do I Do Now?
  • Sale of the Century

Sleeper songs I do not like:

  • NIce Guy Eddie
  • Statuesque

Sleeper songs to which I am indifferent:

  • Delicious




Aw, Nice Guy Eddie! The one that kickstarted my (extremely mild) obsession!


I recalled not thinking much of Nice Guy Eddie at the time but just watching the video on YouTube it’s pretty decent. It’s odd to discover she’s 9 years older than me and was 30 when The It Girl came out. I generally had in mind that most ‘brit pop’ bands were about 5 years older than me and all sort of contemporaries.


I once read a detailed description of the extremely complex computer programme they used to sequence the lights in that video, but I can’t for the life of me remember where.


She’s not 64, Theo, ffs. Have a bit of respect, lad.


Well that does sound cool. If you find it, link it.


9 years older than me, not you mate.


One of Woody Allen’s best films. Oh, wait…


weirdly i googled ‘sale of the century’ just now coz someone alluded to the game show and i wasn’t sure what it was


Where do you stand on Alice in vain?