Sleeping poses πŸ›ŒπŸŒ™πŸ’€

How do you arrange your body before sleeping? I either curl my hands under my chin like a baby, tuck them under my face or cross them over my chest as I sleep face down like a vampire who died in their crypt. All are really bad for my wrists but idk, having my hands up by my face is comforting. Have considered a weighted blanket but I’m not allowed for health reasons. Anyway how do you do it? Do you even think about it or it’s an unconscious thing?

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Think someone did this one, with pictures(!), a few months back.

Face down like a corpse, head turned to the left.

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A face down corpse obviously. Some might say that more typically corpses are arranged face up. Some might say that.



Remove top pillow from pile of 2 pillows
Lie on right side, legs together, knees slightly bent
Cuddle top pillow


Starfish, no covers


On my right side facing outwards, duvet pulled over my head, hand under pillow.

Often find I don’t know what to do with my arm when I’m in bed and fantasize about having a detachable arm


On my stomach but sort of half turned over, facing right

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Basically three for me, but with my legs spread out like I’m running


Literally can’t imagine sleeping on my stomach, don’t think I’d be able to breathe


Well who doesn’t?

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13 still as funny as ever.


That’s how my friends’ son used to sleep. So funny. Babies are silly


9 but kind of half on top of the missus

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Always on my right hand side, whole body except for head under the covers

Find it impossible to sleep otherwise which is annoying

4 I think.

I sleep like a woman?!

Apparently it’s better for breathing, and covid patients are advised to do it! It’s really comfortable, even with boobs in the way

13 is alarming

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I do this too.

Mostly sleep on my side in a sort of semi-fetal position, sometimes on my back but never on my front. I don’t know how people do it, it’s so uncomfortable.

I thought I’d like a weighted blanket but I tried my boyfriend’s and it was too heavy. I do have trouble sleeping with just a sheet though, I need a duvet. If it’s hot I just lie mostly outside of the duvet.


I refuse to believe it

13 is me when I’m hungover.

I sleep anywhere though so not picky :sweat_smile: basically this