Dream of looking at the cover of an album while you listen to an album? Well dream no more

Just spotted this is the brain child of noted DiS music board character Tom Vek

So it’s a £533 chunky tablet that only does music playing

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hahaha this is such a bad idea

Tom Vek!


why don’t they make it bigger and put a speaker inside it?

@tomvek why don’t you make it bigger and put a speaker inside it? it could do apps too like chrome and instagram etc?

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He’s back, in sleevenote form!


Torn between wonder at the sheer rubbishness of this and respect for finding a new way of extorting money out of people who clearly have too much of it.

was tom vek the piano guy who did open heart zoo?


The praise of album art is a bit weird anyway though isn’t it? Why is it more vital and powerful than say movie posters? I’ve never sat and looked at a cd cover whilst listening to an album

Not even to learn the lyrics?
Or if there’s a wee story or an article or something?

occasionally I’d flip through a booklet but I find it distracting, plus it’s annoying when you associate an album with like the colour and mood of the artwork I think.

Obviously good art and stories are fun but it’s odd how with albums it’s seen as an integral part of the experience for some and different to just marketing and advertising material which is kind of what it is


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500 grand

perhaps I’m biased because I got into music through napster/kazaa and other nawty ways so never associated new and exciting discoveries with a physical object or art

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feel quite sorry for this guy though, this is going to bomb so hard. Wish I could give him £500 out of pity

I dont see the market for it. People who care about this sort of thing would just listen to physical media at home on their super expensive hi fi


it’s just expensive minimalism as an aesthetic isn’t it, declutter your life by spending more money. Like those really expensive phones that do nothing but call people

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In the city it’s alright