Sleeves 2020

I’m wearing long sleeves for the first time in 2020 today.

This thread is for me to keep a running tally of how often I wear long sleeves in 2020.


Long Sleeves Worn (Jumper) - 26/02/2020

I refuse to believe this


I don’t know what we’d do without this information to be honest

Believe what?

This thread is for my benefit and my benefit alone. I’ll add an applicable tag to make sure others can mute if they wish to.

That this is the first time you have worn sleeves.

Are we to believe that you have been arm exposed for the previous 56 days of 2020?

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if this is your first time in long sleeves then how did you blow your nose before

I have worn t-shirts and shirts with the sleeves rolled up every day for the past 56, yes.


No jacket ((answer)required)

aka long sleeves


Yeah, but this is a thread about internal sleeves

A rolled up sleeve is a short sleeve


it is a long sleeve that has been rolled up


And therefore has been shortened


This information was not provided.

Short sleeves. If that guy was making this thread he wouldn’t be updating today (or the day that the photo was taken that is)

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That’s because it’s a #selfishthread