• okay I’ll make an exception
  • nope

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Is that the starter to this?


haha fucking hell :rofl:

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I would be with you on the burgers but we were at a wedding once and they had them as snacks after the main meal. We were all stuffed except our mate who kept going back and thus earned the mafia-style name “Tommy Six Burgers” and for that I am grateful.

The footware is horrendous, yes.

(Like @hip_young_gunslinger and @almal100 I came in here to rag on the TV show)

Somehow never noticed the Cthulhu-based meal their companion is eating the background before. All of a piece.


The programme was GREAT

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It was bad but everything else on at that time was REALLY bad.

I was pretty young at the time tbf. Even sat through some Next Generation episodes in that early evening slot. Kids just don’t know anything.

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Me neither but can’t unsee it now.

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Next Gen was good when it was good. I just felt like Sliders almost never rose above poorly acted emo.

EDIT: Similar to how I had lots of great memories of watching Quantum Leap, then when I rewatched a bunch 10 years back I realised I had fond memories of about 10 episodes at most and the rest were actually really quite complex human dynamics boiled down to very simple and laughable concepts.

Oh aye

Figures this was from Tassie, eh @Luzhny?

was going to be my comment tbf. didn’t want to just leave without saying something though.

yeah man! we’re on the same page with this crap. They’re shit, and so is calling them sliders!


I ain’t never seen 'em slide

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Glad someone said it.

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  • Came in here to attack the footwear

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I wear them as slippers now.

(There may be more than one fashion faux pas going on in this photo) .

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I saw one with Roger Daltrey. Actually that’s the only one I ever saw.

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Essentially, if you MUST have canapés, then sliders are fine. But outside the narrow range of times you need them, I think @Funkhouser’s basically got a point.