Sliding avatars

Since last night, something really horrible has started happening with avatars. When I scroll down a thread the avatars don’t disappear off the top of the screen like they should. Instead, they sort of stick at the top left until the rest of the post they’re associated with is gone.

It’s really, really horrible and disconcerting and makes me feel a bit seasick. Make it stop.

NB It happens on my iPad or laptop. Mobile is safe. For now.


Glad you brought this up, I wasn’t sure if it was just me but yeah, it’s grim.


Don’t think I’m getting that. What device/browser are you experiencing this with?

Laptop: Windows 10. Chrome.
iPad Pro: iOS whatever. Safari

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check it out, when you scroll up




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Ah yeah I get it on desktop too. Doesn’t happen on my android mobile though (chrome on both).

Sticky Avatars

Shitty avatars more like.

@sean can you please put in this code to cancel it

.topic-post.sticky-avatar {
.topic-avatar {
position: relative !important;

I don’t mind it but it’s really inconsistent and only happens when you scroll down. Seems like a weird choice really and I’m not sure I’ve ever felt it was lacking.

Hate it hate it hate it.


Just wanted to say that I quite like this feature, helps remind you who made a post when it’s a particularly long one, but if it’s genuinely causing people to get upset, I wouldn’t be bothered if it were removed.

This is the good shit, man


But for me it doesn’t even seem to be fully realised.

i.e. if I start here

and I scroll down, Aggpass’s post is too long to fit in the scroll but his avatar scrolls off the top. It only reappears and sticks if I get to faulmccartney’s post and start scrolling back.

That’s true, I guess the thinking is if the user is scrolling back up, then it’s useful information to have, otherwise don’t bother.

I’m still surprised that such a niche thing was not only implemented, but it seems that it was already a custom plugin that someone had made that got turned into an official feature. Must really help some people out there, I guess.

As ever it’s frustrating that Discourse’s thing is to just roll out every new feature the (relative to userbase) tiny dev group like the sound of and automatically activate it. Why not have it be admin-maintained or even (if possible) make as many as possible user-selected.

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I’m super busy most of this week but wilm have a look at whether this is customisable when I get a chance nearer the weekend!


I like it

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