Sliding into celebrity DMs

A great start to the day


Who else have you DM’d?

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God damn it, now I’ve messaged the Vengaboys


This was an it, an immaculate, perfect record.

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Jedward have been getting in touch with loads of left wing types with messages of support



Yeah that’s what gave me the idea after a beer or two last night


I largely no vibe celebrity interactions on twitter/instagram. Makes me feel a bit something but not sure what.

I started a campaign with a couple of children to DM a YouTuber and get the YouTuber to say “VOTE LABOUR” instead of the cowardly “VOTE”. Ignored. Coward.

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Just minor indie celeb interactions for me. I’ve exchanged DMs with Aidan Moffat and David Gedge. Huey Morgan followed be briefly, but deleted his twitter account shortly after.

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thought about using twitter to ask celebrities to be more vocal about political stuff, don’t tweet at all now though and feels like it could lead me down an obsessive brainworm path
anyone done it?

Only famous people I’ve spoken to are dis people

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Alright Lizzo’s boyfriend

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I’m followed on Instagram by Stacy Francis from CBB/American Idol, Anthony Hutton and one of The Artful Dodger.

No idea why

No reply yet, so I’ve sent messages to M People and 2 Unlimited too

Can you ask Dr Alban what his PHD thesis was on?

DM’d Bob Stanley to sort out a sticker swap a year or two ago. He sent me a lovely postcard with his.



In May 2020, Alban released the song “Hello Sverige” to encourage the population of Sweden to respect the social distancing measurements put in place to counteract the COVID-19 pandemic.

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I have DM’d two celebrities. Fingers crossed!

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