Slight improvements

If I were named “Gregg” I’d move the third ‘g’ to be the second ‘g’ instead so I was called Ggreg.

Any ideas for other slight improvements?


thanks for the update, kind regards,


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Everything is rounded up from 99p to £1 all the 1ps are added to a pot and once a week one person who’s 99p got rounded up wins the pot


My most recent debit card transaction was one where the person said “would you like to round up the total with the difference going to Children In Need” and I was like “Yeah, fine”

When people sneeze instead of saying bless you people say raaaahhh


1p to children in need. Awful man

This has done me, big style

I think it was more like 60p or something (not that I’m counting or anything haha!)

Point of order, but if you moved the 3rd G to be the second G, it would still be gregg.

gregg  gregg
    |     ^
    |     |

Colin! Why did you say this!

I think it’s important people understand what they’re doing when they try and move letters around. We can’t have pure alphabetic anarchy!

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If I was called Gregg I’d get annoyed at people on twitter calling me Greg when asking for charity with hilarious results

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If I was called gregg I’d like to get a refund.

And give that refund to children in need?