Slightly annoying terms / phrases

Double Down

More to follow.

This should really have polls so we an register our approval/disapproval.

Not a fan of the threads with polls in

Guess you’re doubling down on your thread structure, huh?


Poll threads

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Never mind the buzzcocks?

I hate both of those bands.

4th industrial revolution
internet of things
big data
cyber physical systems
smart factories

“Sorry not sorry”

Really gets my goat.

See also: “gets my goat”

‘Just saying’

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‘No offence’


“YouTube celebrity”


‘In MY opinion’ - you know that the upcoming opinion is a) bad and b) set up as an opinion and therefore untouchable


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‘Legitimate concerns’

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‘meh’, especially when used as an adjective

After today I say we bin the word Hobby

We’ve been slowly shifting to “projects” for a while now, might as well make the final jump.

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‘As a mother’

“It’s about”