Slightly begrudging Friday daily thread featuring 🌞 **DAYLIGHT UPDATE!** 🌞

Morning all :wave: how are you?

I can’t have a repeat of yesterday where I posted the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face: in the middle of the afternoon, can I :smiley:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:11 17:13 10:02:03 +3:57
Brighton 07:09 17:20 10:10:19 +3:40
Glasgow 07:37 17:24 09:46:54 +4:28
Manchester 07:23 17:22 09:58:45 +4:03
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:23 17:35 10:12:33 +3:35
Newcastle 07:25 17:16 09:51:26 +4:19
Cardiff 07:23 17:30 10:07:40 +3:45
Belfast 07:41 17:34 09:53:24 +4:15

Big day for :blue_heart: :yellow_heart: KING’S LYNN :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: where there’s going to be a massive TEN HOURS of daylight! I am going to be celebrating this by digging the soil in the rabbits’ enclosure in order to lay down some chicken wire (so stop them burrowing out and other creatures burrowing in).

How are your days looking?



Bleak looking day out the window

Plus side is I just logged into work and fuck all has happened. Hope it’s gonna be a gentle one

No plans at all for the weekend currently. Fine with that


My atd is coming down for the day, I’m so excited :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Has the sun risen in London, @aboynamedgoo ?


Thanks @colon_closed_bracket , good to see Newcastle inching towards a full 10 hours in the next few days.

Off to work. It’s exceptionally windy here which is a thing.

Delayed bday party for the youngest tonight, so looks like I’m solo taking 6x 10 year olds to see Ant Man then shout at them all night to be quiet when they come back for a sleepover.

Soundtrack for the day is this, sparked by the sight of the album on the RSD list…



(behind the clouds)

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Apparently Couples Therapy has a third season on iplayer :raised_hands:

Hope the whole season is up in one go so I can binge

Morning all!

My Friday is a bit more stressful than usual because of last week’s IT meltdown but that just means I need to organise things a bit better.

I’m driving over to the other campus this afternoon to collect photocopying and possibly do some feedback interviews but probably not.

Have you thought about just taking one 60 year old instead?


Finishing at 3!
Martha tonight!
Pre-gig pints at the Shakespeare!
Off to Ireland tomorrow!
Stopping at Gloucester Services on the way (the Tebay of the South)!


Urggg - looked at my calendar and I’ve got far far too many meetings today

Same company isn’t it?


Leftover cinnamon sharing bun for breakfast - win

Running out of coffee and having to go out for beans before 9am - lose

Well, slightly after 9 by now

Morning! Off to Bristol for the weekend :+1:


Very grey and mizzly day here at the beer factory. Waiting to hear if my car is saveable or not. Might have a nap behind some barrels.

Hey up

Going to eat some vegetables and fruits today

Maybe do some work so Sunday isn’t too dread

Go on a long walk

Wash bed sheets

Leftover pizza for lunch

Answer the question…

Can you wear sequins to a March wedding??

  • Bit Christmas isn’t it
  • Do what you want
  • Of course! More sparkle the better
  • I will help you find a wedding outfit slicky

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After months of rehearsals, my eldest daughter takes to the stage tonight in a theatre production of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

I’m so excited.

We’re taking my (mega gammon) father in law. He’s never seen the movie, and claims not to know anything about the premise. I’m very much looking forward to watching his face.

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