Slightly begrudging Friday daily thread featuring 🌞 **DAYLIGHT UPDATE!** 🌞

Incredible isn’t it!

I’ll make a thread with all my options and requirements



You should, I’ve got a very boring day ahead.

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Should probably in the work irks and bit vague but when someone asks you lcan you find everything to do with X on this issue? And acts like it’s not a big deal

Sure this issue has only been going on 8 or so years and almost a thousand documents to involved

Found out last night that I’ve had Covid. First time testing positive for it and I feel very silly for not thinking to do a test sooner, but it just seemed like a cold (albeit a nasty one). Thankfully I’m feeling better. Un-thankfully - I’m back at work after a few days being on strike and have a bunch of stuff to sort it out. Going to half-arse it today and just deal with whatever comes after.

Hope you’re all having better Fridays! :cowboy_hat_face:

Been for a slow run, probably a jog if I’m honest but neither footballs went ahead this week


I’m full of cold today. I slept awfully because my nose was blocked so I got a really dry mouth. Bleurgh.

Thankfully it’s a zoom free friday, and the socialising that I thought was on late afternoon is now off, so I can be a hermit instead.

Is it insanely windy anywhere else today, or is it a localised Leeds thing? Genuinely at almost picking you off the street as you’re walking along levels here.

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Busy day at work then gym then Briana vigil then looking after a gig for a pal

Morning DiS,

Lovely and sunny here in North Staffordshire so thats nice.

Having a coffee and (still) watching Fraiser. Ive got a sore throat and mini is v sniffly and snotty so will be a mostly lazy day today.

Glad its the weekend!

Just normal, innocent wind here


hmm i’ve ended up with a phobia of wind (get really nervous and stressed out and can’t sleep when it’s windy) and it’s really windy atm . no f*rt jokes

Weather report:


Reactivated facebook to check in on a few art groups etc and have noticed that despite having NO work friends or mention of my job, facebook is now recommending people from work.

This doesnt matter as i wont accept their requests but interesting to see the massive bump in invasion of personal data as i dont even know how facebook would know my place of work.

Yep. House is rattling here in s7

Yeah Fb and insta seem to know what work related IT stuff I’m Googling on my work Pc then showing me related adds - I have never logged into fb or insta on my work pc

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In London today helping the TV with some work stuff (and working), then maybe maybe Mogwai back in Brighton tonight.

Isn’t it Storm Otto?

What did I come upstairs for? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Tag him you coward!

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