Slightly early lunch thread because I'm eating it already


What you having?

I’m having a veggie pakora and mango chutney wrap from the canteen, which was excellent after I picked out the disgusting cucumber.

Yesterday’s Tunnock’s caramel wafer triumph has been cruelly negated by having Walker’s crisps instead of the Corkers ones. They taste like McDonald’s smells. Disgusten.


I think i’m going to go get falafel cause I need the energy and bomp power for a run later


Can’t believe no-one else is eating lunch today.


I’m going to the gym, then maybe eating some food, although I have no money at all (only got paid a week ago) so am unsure how I can make food happen.


Cheese and cucumber sandwich today, not little Jimbo’s suggestion of cheese and peanut butter.


massive fucking salad

also massive fucking yogurt


Overate Chinese food last night. Skipped breakfast but had a biscuit for elevencies. Will eat something punitively healthy to undercompensate for poor eating habits. Might see what Sainos has to offer








Also, I misread ‘overrated Chinese food’ and nearly spat out my lack of food.


Gunna go tespress in a bit. Not sure what to get. Misery meal deal probs


got a thai soup innit. will likely be my day’s highlight


is tho isn’t it
all Chinese food


Sardines on toast


Had a pre-lunch fruit scone. Still hungry.

Is the canteen food going to be great or awful today? I’m going with awful.




microwaved fish in the open-plan office: confirmed :nose:


had a baked tato with Ratatouille from the canteen

was fine but I’m gonna need more. Will pop to waitrose in a mo


I had it already, some rice with a spinach and potato curry i made the other day. I’m preparing for Ramadan by eating less and less so I can cope with the whole day with no food :grimacing: