Slightly early lunch thread because I'm eating it already

What you having?

I’m having a veggie pakora and mango chutney wrap from the canteen, which was excellent after I picked out the disgusting cucumber.

Yesterday’s Tunnock’s caramel wafer triumph has been cruelly negated by having Walker’s crisps instead of the Corkers ones. They taste like McDonald’s smells. Disgusten.

I think i’m going to go get falafel cause I need the energy and bomp power for a run later

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Can’t believe no-one else is eating lunch today.

I’m going to the gym, then maybe eating some food, although I have no money at all (only got paid a week ago) so am unsure how I can make food happen.

Cheese and cucumber sandwich today, not little Jimbo’s suggestion of cheese and peanut butter.

massive fucking salad

also massive fucking yogurt

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Overate Chinese food last night. Skipped breakfast but had a biscuit for elevencies. Will eat something punitively healthy to undercompensate for poor eating habits. Might see what Sainos has to offer


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Also, I misread ‘overrated Chinese food’ and nearly spat out my lack of food.

Gunna go tespress in a bit. Not sure what to get. Misery meal deal probs

got a thai soup innit. will likely be my day’s highlight

is tho isn’t it
all Chinese food

Sardines on toast

Had a pre-lunch fruit scone. Still hungry.

Is the canteen food going to be great or awful today? I’m going with awful.


microwaved fish in the open-plan office: confirmed :nose:


had a baked tato with Ratatouille from the canteen

was fine but I’m gonna need more. Will pop to waitrose in a mo

Just back from picking out a Tesco Misery Sandwich.

It appears to be exam season - there’s about a billion students cluttering the pavement outside Olympia today and a sign suggesting they’ve all just come out of a university exam.

Had a tuna and cheese panini.

Also had a satsuma and a banana.

Having a more healthy week than usual so far. That’ll last as long as Thursday evening and drinking at football.