slightly hesitate to do a ‘rate your ears’, but hear we are

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How’s your hearing? Do you have a favourite piercing or one you want to get?

Hate my ears


Did one of those online tests and seemed surprisingly fine. Not sure how trustworthy those are though tbh.

Also mad excessive ear wax.

I quite like them, they do their job and apart from the tinnitus it’s all good



Pretty sure I have the waxiest ears in the UK m9s. Mad hair developing on the tragus too.

  • No earlobe crew represent

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Solid 7/10, good hearing but shape wise not much to write home about. Definitely want my conch pierced


I do have earlobes but they’re joined if that’s what you mean?

To my face, not each other

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Yeah pretty much - there’s a smaller bit at the bottom but it doesn’t go back ‘up’ before it reaches yr head

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Once worked with a man who had tiny ears.

Oh and my hearing is awful. Genuinely worries me. Clearly from too many gigs and general loud music throughout my teens and 20s - I rarely hear people the first time they speak to me and I find most tv too mumbly unless I have it really loud :persevere:

Never really noticed them so that’s a 10 I reckon.

Rake my shears!? But that’ll be two trips to the garden shed

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Also in the #lobeless gang.

I have one elf ear which makes me half elf so I’m really cool!

Bit hairy. Bit deaf. Bit waxy. They look alright though. Maybe 5.