slightly hesitate to do a 'rate your year', but here we are

Let’s be entirely arbitrary and you can tell me why if you want, idk. Fucking weird year, man.

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Zero. Absolutely fucking shite and getting worse as we speak.

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2021 was

  • better than 2020
  • worse than 2020
  • same same

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I voted 8

Sorry. I like those polls where you can see each persons number


tbh blinky i’m just glad someone had an 8. what was your highlight?


Good - It wasn’t 2020, nobody I know died, my partner didn’t get cancer and I actually got to see my family a couple of times. I was able to return to the football, went to the cinema a couple of times and also I got a new role at work which I start in the new year

Bad - Still trapped in an unsellable, zero-valued flat with no end in sight, this means that everything (non-work related) in my life is at a complete standstill. The world is on fire and everything is quite bad for the most part.



i won’t make a meal of it, but knowing you guys are here/have been here has been quite a lot more help than i’d admit at a meat unless I was absolutely fucking wasted.


I’ve been shielding for literally the entire year and my job’s gone the way of the dodo, but I reconnected with an old pal so I’ve charitably rounded it up to a generous one.


your ‘bad’ is something that blows my mine - got two other pals in exact same flat situ. i’m sorry man, it’s fucking shit.

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Impossible to score
It’s been pretty wild, some amazing experiences tbh but some gruelling depressive lows. All ramped up with covid and covid anxiety. It’s been a tough grind overall but man have I learnt some stuff about myself. It’s hard but it feels like I’m really turning a corner after some tough years. Hopefully


Absolute fucking dogshit. Start of next years gonna be worse.
Fucking fucking fuck


Its so weird, we’re in a way better position than most in that we’re not being charged for it like so many leaseholders are but, it’s the complete inability to do anything or make any long-term plans or life changes that really takes its toll.

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Obvious pandemic stuff aside, not bad. Got to go to some festivals and to Scotland on holiday and stuff, getting quite good at my job, (mostly) ran my first marathon, playing footie again. MH better than it was (still not great, but yknow)



Saw a fair few Dissers though, so that was good


If it wasn’t for the ol’ Corony then it would be a 9 but it’s still an 8 I think.

Quit my shit job
Got a job i love and am good at doing
Marriage is better than ever
Wife published a book and is making amazing progress with MH stuff
Gonna be an uncle

Still not got much money and can’t find any houses to buy but as years go, this was a good one (ignoring the whole world falling apart at the seams thing).


Not as bad as 2019 but worse than 2020.

3 probably.


Seems like such a small thing in the scheme of things but I wish the weather had just been a touch better this summer.


no this is extremely fucking valid. it was all over the fucking place.


apparently today’s word is ‘fucking’

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Dont really wanna get too into it outside of an ssp thread but after an absolutely horrendous first few months, the rest of it has been… really very good? Especially of late i’ve been feeling some kinda warm and fuzzies that I thought my cold, dead heart wasnt really capable of. 2020 was an absolute write off… but yeah, not bad tbh!


(Sorry about this, everyone.)