Slightly Odd interactions With Strangers


Yesterday, I bought a packet of plasters from the WH Smith at work because my boots are rubbing on the back of my left foot, just above the heel. The girl behind the counter, who is always chatty whenever anyone buys anything, rather took me aback.

Firstly, she checked that the size was okay for me - which, tbh, I was fine with as I hadn’t read the contents of the box - she then asked if I wanted any help putting it on (the plaster, not my boot) as she would be more than happy to oblige.

This struck me as a slightly odd thing to do. I’d have found it slightly odd if I’d bought them from a health professional at a pharmacy never mind an overpriced but highly convenient misery Smiths and I can’t still work out if I am amused, offended or bewildered by offer.

Have you had any slightly odd interactions with strangers? Tell me them, please.


That is quite odd.

This morning I was coaxing Greta, the neighbourhood babe cat, over to my house and I was stopped (loads of people stop me when they see me with her as people always want to know who she belongs to). It was a little girl of about 8 who wouldn’t stop talking to me. The entire time we were talking the strongest smell of dog or cat poo I’ve ever smelled started to descend on us and I thought, great I must have stepped in something that Greta did, but it smelled like it was really hot. Anyway, the girl kept glancing down at the box she was carrying which was wrapped in a carrier bag, it looked like she’d had a cooking lesson and was carrying home her casserole or whatever.

Anyway, she walked away and the smell went with her. And it was 7.45am so she’s not had a cooking lesson because she’s on her way to school not from it. So, did she have hot cat poo in her box??


did she know it was for your foot?

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I think she did


I concur. Why Bamnam? Why would be carrying that around with her?


I’m pretending that this is a reply to @Scout and not @he_2. It’s quite enjoyable.


I was paying for some sushi and holding a box of hair dye (cause I forgot my tote bag) and the man at the till said “are you going to dye your hair?” and i said “yeah”.


not sure but some kids find poo fascinating don’t they


No, I didn’t specify they were for me, never mind my foot.


Sounds like you’re in there, m8.


About time the old buying elastoplast gambit paid off!


what level of interaction do you most prefer from a cashier/till person?

  • stony silence
  • slight smile and an “alright?” etc
  • light 1 min chit chat about weather/long shift etc
  • nice comment about what you’ve purchased or a recommendation
  • asking you your holiday plans this year/personal chat

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That tweet about budgeting except it’s not candles, it’s Elastoplasts.


got some socks from one of those stores this year I forget which one like a Primark or H&M or similar. They’d just opened that weekend and the poor girl behind the till was clearly instructed to be suuuper over nice to people and started asking me where I went on holiday this year. It was quite embarassing, I had to say I hadn’t gone anywhere and don’t plan to. Now people know I’m poor :frowning:


ah she might have just been concerned for your safety. Some people are just nice


also, bless your heart @kermitwormit for enjoying human interaction :slight_smile:

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I’ve been trying to chat more

largely cba tho

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I feel bad for anyone who works in retail, must really give you a negative perception of humanity to just be ignored for 8 hours a day though.


but then also they probably don’t want to have meaningless conversations for 8 hours

the whole day of “hi how are you? good thanks, nice day out” must be soul destroying

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yeah. I have no idea how that world works but hopefully they only put you on a till for an hour or so then rotate you out with someone fresh to keep from driving people insane