What’s the deal with teens and slime? In fact, what the fuck is slime full stop?



I presume this is the moment I finally give in and admit to being out of touch



Why do I get the feeling that people are wanking to this.




big fan of 13 year olds talking about ‘stress’ - if only they knew


Slime make me think of gunge which in turn made me reminisce about ‘Get Your Own Back’


Remember pink slime?

And poor Jamie Oliver (though this isn’t technically pink slime)


I thought at least one of the kids would have been put off…


I know! I haven’t watched the clip but is this the one where Jamie cries?


Nope he just runs through the process of making chicken nuggets (all the skin, bones etc in a blender) then he asks at the end ‘who would still eat this?’ And they all raised their hands…


Ah… Google tells me that it was when he went to America and wept for the children there. He’s a bit of a simplistic doofus but he’s well-meaning enough, and so for that reason I’ll not post his tears.


He took turkey twizzlers off the menu - he’s alright by me :smile:


Be more specific, he’s always crying. The prick.


Ahh yes 13 is such a peaceful, relaxing age, no puberty anxiety or high school hell or anything even remotely stressful


Slime beneath me, slime up above


People post videos of slime being poked about because it’s apparently soothing. Who am I to judge?


Nothing else against it, but can’t help thinking it’s pretty unhygienic.

I definitely wouldn’t go about putting my fists into anyone else’s slime.


If you’re gonna slime, then slime in the dumper :australia: