Not as embarrassing as fucking yo-yos.
I walked around in public with a fucking yo-yo.

yo yos are neat


Anyone remember Yikes pencil cases with the slime in the middle? Incredibly I can’t find a picture.

Well I mean we had this in the 90s, and all I’ve seen of it on social media so far are people my age on instagram who are trying to make it artsy and stuff. If actual kids are still playing with it then that’s obviously much better, as that’s what it’s meant for. I think I was a fan of slime as a kid but you end up getting tired of playing with it quite quickly don’t you?

It’s no Jenkem

Anyone interested in the chemistry of this? Thought so.

Right, so it’s

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I have a bad feeling about this. Kids getting too much into slime is pretty much the plot of the first Power Rangers film. It’s Ivan Ooze’s nefarious plan - get the kids hooked on purple slime, which secretly has a mind control effect on adults, who are first convinced to build Ivan some kind of structure, before they’re tricked into jumping to their doom, like zombie lemmings. It’s only when they’re sprayed with a big hose that they snap out of it.


Is it just like silly putty? I had some of that as a kid.


aaahhh beat me too it! :angry:

Artisan Slime

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Definitely a thing on instagram

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Is it like that magic sand stuff? I like that, it is like playdough but doesn’t dry out or get everywhere, and you can make sandcastles out of it.

It isn’t silly putty (silicones), it isn’t magic sand (silane-coated sand). It’s a cross-linked polymer of polyvinyl alcohol and borates.

It’s a staple undergraduate Chemistry practical.

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How much you selling it for?

It’s a labour of love. You can have my slime for free.

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Was it here (old DiS) that someone said ‘work up a slime for me’?




(Thank you, I am on mobile and couldn’t be arsed)

Is it not more valuable, being made by someone qualified, rather than an undergrad?

(Also, does producing it stink as bad as the nylon rope thing? Or does it not smell at all)