Slint's Tweez will be 30 years old next year







I feel weird about music that seemed like ‘the future’ to me for so long actually being very very old and in the past.

And I still tend to think of Slint as young kids but I guess they were in their 20s even then.


Fair enough. I guess im getting ‘album x will be x years old’ fatigue.


Steve these headphones are fucked up



Who gives a shit maaaaan



Never really liked them until I watched that breadcrumb trail documentary and realised they were just a bunch of weird kids, also think it’s funny how the whole way through it’s like they are just kids making weird music in their parents basement in the middle of nowhere then at the end they drop in Britt also played drums for the breeders pre spiderland


Please repost this next year when at least it seems like the post has a point


That’s a great doc. It’s a shame it didn’t get a wider release beyond the Spiderland reissue and a coupla screenings because it’s a really interesting story, even for people with no interest in Slint / Louisville post-hardcore


When I fancy a Slint fix it’s very hard to look beyond Spiderland or the EP. Kind of neglect Tweez, even though I do like it.

That gig at Koko was brilliant.


Came out the year I was born so sounds about right aye


They were amazing at Albert Hall a few years back. Even if it was the coldest gig I’ve ever been to.


Heard of Slint but listening to this for the first time.

Jeepers creepers - the main riff from Ron sounds exactly like Kevin is in Jail!!!


Ah the Tweez EP before their one and only album Spiderland