Tell me about your slippers.

I don’t wear any.

  • Wear slippers
  • Don’t wear slippers

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They’re good imo. A barrier between foot and potential cat sick. A warmer for all seasons. Aesthetic as fuck.


Got some mules. I like them.

Crocs always, love them. They’re comfy, can be fortified with socks in the winter, breathable in the summer, not a disaster if I leave the house to the shops and half way there, realise I’m still wearing them. Also my cats like them


Sometimes wear them but they charge me right up with static electricity :zap: :zap:

Didnt use to but necessary now set at desk WFH all day

I’ve got some that are basically mini sleeping bags

Just keep them near the back door for taking doggo out to toilet.

Aside from that I prefer bare feet

Moccasin. Every time. Couldn’t be without them

But what about when y’know it gets absolutely fucking freezing?

I have some and do get wear out of them but I don’t really like them and I can’t really imagine a pair I would like. So it’s pure practicality

Feet always too warm

Occasionally socks but rarely

As we have hard floors, I need more support than is offered by your average slipper so I have some Allbirds woollen indoor shoes.

Thinking of getting some. Used to think they were unnecessary–I could just wear socks. But lately I realize that I take my socks off while on the sofa, then always get up to go into the kitchen or bathroom barefoot. Easier to step into slippers than remembering to put the socks back on.

Got some mahabis from when I worked for them. They’re alright, but only for free.

Had a lovely pair, leather outer with a nice furry inner from J Crew, until one day Mrs HYG knocked a full can of beer off the coffee table which landed bang in the middle of one of them and filled it with lager. Tried to wash them but they were never the same.

Got these monstrosities for Christmas, they’re fine, but a bit pongy

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TBH if I had anyone down as the guy who enjoys a lager-slipper it’s you.

I love a slipper. I look for two things in a slipper:

  • ugliness
  • plastic bottoms so I can wear them to take the bin out in

This is my current pair. They’re foul and comfy. I wash them maybe once a week or when the start to smell so bad that they make the cat gag.


As a side note, because I have such large feet (size 9 wide, thanks for asking) I do struggle to buy slippers (or shoes in general for that matter) that are aimed at women/female presenting people. So a fully enclosed slipper rarely fits, I have to go for open back and accept any foot spillage that happens

I’m the kind of dude who just don’t got no slippers. However, I was advised that I should get some orthopedic ones as me walking around barefoot the whole time is damaging by back. I am 36, not 86.

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