Slogans for political parties

this tweet suggesting a new slogan for the tories blew up so thought it might be fun thread on here.

Pick a party and come up with something better than this word soup

Tories: Greed Before Need

Labour: Capital’s ‘B’ team


“If you’re a soggy turd, vote for Keith”.


Lib Dems: middle for diddle

Tories: Fairer, greener future LOL.

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SDLP: We’ve Given Up!

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Greens Are Good For You!


Labour: More Party. Less Labour

Tories: Your Money AND Your Life

Labour: “A bunch of fucking dickheads”

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Needs a point of difference though. The tories just elected Truss and the Lib Dems are Lib Dems. Dickheads everywhere

“A shambolic bunch of fucking charlatans, dickheads, and shysters”…

wait no, this is harder than it looks

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Dickheads that didn’t go to Oxford

“Fairer, greener future” is alright imo tbh. Assuming it’s backed up, which obviously it won’t be

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Labour: Double-glazing the Overton window


Idk man “fairer greener future” is at least saying something, more than could be said of the slogan they’ve managed to (half heartedly) stick to for nearly a year now: “prosperity, security,… Um, uh…, security,… :flushed:… And um…, respect”

Fight the Fear of Future Failure

(Lib Dem or anyone really)

Except it’s very similar to the Green Party :zipper_mouth_face: