Slow life- Monday evening


Rocks are slow life. I’m now working my way through editing a folder of photos like this:


And now I put it on here, those highlights look too burnt out.


Just made another cracking salad. Edamame beans, mango, peanuts and a lot of other good stuff in this one


Ooo, mossy rocks.

I’m going to go grill some salmon and mash some potatoes and boil some asparagus all while drinking a cup of tea.


I’m also having salmon tonight, and asparagus :grinning::+1:



Doing some work I need US support for. Bleurgh. Then packing up our flat. Bleurgh.


Dabbed some sriracha on as well didn’t I!


Playing some o===’=:: tonight


Oooh! Well what are you having it with? I might just steal your ideas.




Hmmm gonna roast some shallots and peppers I honk, griddle pan the asparagus and bake the salmon with some harissa :+1:


Evening Bam


you good?


Ach, that sounds much better. Hm… might try and do something a bit spanglier.


Whats all this rain shit about! Getting the bus home ffs


Not too bad ma man, feeling a bit drained still after a pish nights sleep last night and busy wee day the day.
How about yourself, how’s the running coming along?


Spanglier eh?! :grinning:


ah I’ve not done much at all today, didn’t wake up until 10am which meant I have written the day off.

Need to get an early night and come out fighting tomorrow



With you as far as the peanuts.