Small, insignificant things that you're exceptionally proud of (rolling)

Thread for things you’ve done that you’re proud of but might seem middling to others.

My podcast is now on Spotify. For some reason this has made me internally so happy for some reason. Feels odd to see it come up in the search results. Like, fuck all folk will use that to listen to it, and it’s got a small audience anyway, but it has made me week. I guess it’s tickled the narcissist in me massively.

I’d also list that I am two days away from a year being sober, but that’s absolutely not insignificant.


Whats the podcast about?
Reckon if you’d had a podcast as you were playing BOTW it would have been amazing.

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Probably all the charity work i do.

my penis


It’s about American politics from a British perspective


My silly ambient wanky music one. :eyes: :eyes:

Hahaha, I have a video somewhere of me playing Super Meat Boy…

See that slight growl in the bass part at 1 minutes and 4 seconds? Spent years trying to find a setup that does that the way I want. Literal years.

I’m not joking.


Was really proud of my makeup the other day, was sending it to my mum and sister on whatsapp like LOOK HOW GOOD I DID IT TODAY




I saw your downloads, that’s not a small audience at all!

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I like that you’re pointing to your face, just in case your fam weren’t sure where you’d applied the make-up



Apologies WR.

oh, @shucks

I’ll try to be able to forgive you one day, in the distant future

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half cut and looking through some of the websites I managed and help set up when I was doing that. was the ‘product manager’ for this one, which basically involved doing all the user research, planning the editorial output and generally managing the thing. Looks really cool now, and they’re still using my editorial plan 2 and a half years later :smiley: (i’d planned for about 5 yrs worth of content). rare that I give a shit about work I’ve done, but tonight’s the night!!!

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