Small moments in your life when you've thought "You know what, this is alright this"


This is a positive thread about small moments in your life when you’ve been conscious of really appreciating the moment that you were in at that moment.

Hopefully people will recall things that feel good and nice to recall and we’ll all have a nice Thursday afternoon as a result.




I tend to unintentionally sabotage any enjoyment I have for anything by being a cynical anxious twat so this thread is not for me but I wish you well in your endeavour Tone and hope that you receive a lot of positive replies amongst the hilario ones.


I also do this a lot so was hoping for some nice positive examples of other people enjoying things.


Sitting in a beer garden the other weekend at just after 12 noon, with a cold pint, for an hour or so before the self-entitled parents turned up to let their kids run amok.


Last time I had this was sat outside in the sun with my wife and puppy. Feeling proper content and looking forward to the rest of the summer.


This email arrived earlier:


Made my day.


Yesterday was sat on a picnic table overlooking the sea and everything was sparkling because of the sun and I had a scone and an elderflower presse and thought, yeah, this is alright.


I was boating with my mum yesterday and it was lovely.


Elderflower presse is classy and nice IMO.


And the best bit is they’ve just reduced the sugar and not replaced it with nasty tasting sweeteners :+1:


When I sit down on the sofa with a glass of red and put on a good film just after finishing cleaning the flat.


Graduation day for my BArch.

Everyone in my year was there, and their families were there too, and it was a sunny day, and seven years of hard slog were over. We had the ceremony, then photos in the quad, then went for a meals with our families, then met up later for drinks until late.

Part of it was that it was the knowledge that none of us would all be together again - both the group of people I’d studied with, but also my family. My grandparents made the trip up to Newcastle for the last time, and my granddad was pretty ill by that point but wouldn’t have missed it for anything.


Quite a big moment that but I’ll allow it for the sake of keeping the spirit of the thread alive…


When you get a little green notification


Oh, sorry, I didn’t see that you’d asked for small moments.

The other week, when I was swimming in the reservoir and it was a sunny morning and all I could hear was my splashing and the sound of birdsong.


You’ve just given me a small moment in my life where I’ve thought “You know what, this is alright this”



Have another.


Woah! What a lovely gesture!


thread delivers :smiley: