Small request if you like podcasts

Hello all,

I mentioned this briefly but as an extra circular project I’m producing a new podcast for political commentator Marina Purkiss and broadcaster Jemma Forte (you’ll likely recognise them if you watch Jeremy Vine or Byline TV)

We had modest hopes for the podcast but the first episode came out this week and it’s currently #4 in News, and number 18 in the Apple Podcast chart. And just overtook Adam Buxton?!? Given how many podcasts there are, the fact we’ve got zero budget, we’re pretty blown away.

It’s a really simple but fun format we’ve developed, where they pluck insightful / funny tweets about politics and more, then analyse and enrich them. The dream is that people who are sick of doomscrolling just tune in for half an hour or so each week.

I’m still learning how to best remotely produce and edit the podcast - admittedly I didn’t have to do much but drop in some Michael Spicer and cringe clips of Rishi into this one… so would appreciate if you could take a listen, share any feedback, tell a friend, and if you could subscribe on Apple it would really help us climb even higher in the chart (which really helps people discover the show)

links to subscribe to The Trawl

Oh and let me know if it isn’t show on wherever you get your podcasts.

Thank you :pray:

PS longer term we’re hoping to build a UK version of something like Crooked Media or TYT, and have ideas for more progressively-minded podcasts coming, including an idea I have around political music and campaigns. I’m really excited about some ideas I have for bringing back Drowned in Sound as an “audio publication” next year as something like a cross between a podcast and a record club (think: a magazine built around its cover mount compilation)