Small Sports

Table football - ok
Mini/crazy golf - good
Mini pool/snooker - absolutely shit
running a really short distance - better than running far
Tiny bike ridden by monkey > cycling

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Ping pong - good

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Hungry Hippos - mashed

Scalextric - absolute shit

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Subbuteo - terrible, let’s be honest.


We got scalextric at Chrimbo and I had to send two cars back as they would not work. Had to set up and unset up that track several times in a sepsis delirium. Absolute nightmare.

Was this a recent Chrimbo? Googled it to find the correct spelling and they’re still charging £100 for a set. Madness.



The very last one. This was a ‘mini’. Think it was about £35 in a sale. I was sweating and all over the shop, pretending to be fine with people annoyed at me that it wasn’t working etc. One of my worst experiences

I watched a Magic The Gathering stream at the weekend and one of the commentators referred to it as a “mind sport” and I thought “DiS would LOVE this” but then I forgot about it until now hello

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The idea of it is wonderful. The reality is 10 minutes of flicking bits of plastic on a bobbly table, never getting anywhere near the ball and you want to throw it in the bin.

You don’t need to watch the @xylo nerd shit, you are better than that!

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The coverage is really good though. It’s almost like watching a body sport.

What is your favourite soul sport?

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Air hockey

Rounders > Baseball

Fingerboarding was a very short lived craze at school : look at the state of this


I’ve been to worse events tbh

man these were shit