Small things that disproportionately affect your day

Just stood in a puddle accidentally and now my right sock is wet. Having a wet sock is, in many ways, a very trivial thing. On the other hand, having a wet sock for an entire afternoon is one of the worst things there is.

Stuff like this in here please.


If this is just small things that are irritating then having something stuck between my teeth but being in a meeting and not being able to do much about it.


Yep, that’s a perfect post for this thread on accounts of how it’s a combination of the small thing and the reason for not being able to address the thing that has disproportionately added to the level of irritation.

Finding a wiry eyebrow hair when I’m work and can’t get at it until I’m at home with tweezers.


Is this a Beck lyric?


Something stuck between my teeth

When it’s in your field of vision, but is out of focus, so you can’t ignore it - a bit like when you have a spot on your nose.

Like a little bit of toenail constantly snagging itself on my sock to the point that it splits and becomes very painful and not being able to sort it until I get home. That kind of thing?


This is a very particular example, but I intended to spookify a couple of threads yesterday for some Halloween japes. I forgot to, and its a minor thing, but now it is affecting my day today as I am disappointed at the missed opportunity.

Exactly that, thank you (and take note of this please @ma0sm)

A black fly in your Chardonnay


Thank you Alanis, good contribution.

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If it starts raining when I only have a fairly thick coat to hand…meaning I end up in that sweaty/rainy state (particularly my fringe). Takes all day to get over

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I wonder if she has any more.


Something that I think might be funny to see would be two blokes (who don’t know each other) passing on a street and one of them going “Oy, mate, how breathable is that lightweight jacket?”

People being dicks about using our office lifts. This is because I am hypersensitive, very judgmental, use the lifts a lot and work on the top floor.

I don’t want to make a big deal of it or anything but your post “Something stuck between my teeth” earlier in the thread was a bit lacking in the context department that’s all. Scout and He_2 were both examples of good posts, that’s all. Nothing major.

Apologies Ant, will up my #contextgame in future replies

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I spotted a poppy seed between my two top front teeth this morning. I’ve brushed my teeth about six times since I last ate something with poppy seeds in.

So actually that’s barely affected any of my days now I think about it.