Small things that have improved your life lately

Something’s changed on the cleaning rota here that means there’s no longer a cleaner doing the gents toilets at any point from about quarter past four to about half past five. This is extremely liberating, and will almost entirely eliminate nervous work poos and uncomfortable full-bladdered drives home from my life.

Worked out you can change the ‘source’ on my tv using the Sky remote (FYI ‘tv’ button then press ‘help’ to go through the different sources)

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We put all our Christmas decorations in a box and remembered where we put that box and then got the box when we need it (Sunday).

How were you doing it before?

TV remote you fucking idiot!

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I am not even going to respond to his question

Starting having electrolyte tablets so I no longer seem to get constipated

I’ve started getting up and going to work earlier. I do flexitime which means I can leave earlier. I’m currently on the train and nearly home!

It’s an older you get thing isn’t it? Used to work late and finish late. I’ve been in by 7.15 both days this week… Finishing at 6 today though…

subsidised lunch

yeah i think it definitely is. I used to get into work for 10am and leave at 6pm which meant it would be gone 7pm by the time i got home. it was like i had a moment a while back where i just thought ‘what am i doing?’!

50mg Sertraline.

Oh is that what electrolytes do? They were giving out free bottles of water “with electrolytes” at the station the other day. Thought it was just some bollocks at the time, but that probably explains why I ended up having three shits the next day.

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(Which didn’t improve my life fwiw)

Noticing that Brenda Lee sounds like she’s saying “Later we’ll have some fuckin’ pie” in Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

They’ve added filter traffic lights to two of the traffic hot spots on my way to work.

I have no idea but it seems go have stopped me from being constipated for over week like many times before.
You always need water to do poos but I’m not sure where electrolytes come into that. I’m sure we could google it or wait for @marckee to come along

Yeah, may as well wait for him to do it, save us the hassle.

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struggling to think of anything :confused:

Realised what that smaller sink next to the sink’s for and it’s made life anout 12% easier.