Small things that make you instantly feel a bit better


Shower or bath for me. Literally always feel a tiny bit better after scrubbing up.


New socks


yeah, definitely. I got some new pants the other day, and taking the tag off and putting on a fresh pair every morning has been wonderful. still got 2 in the drawer, I think.


having my neck/back/ear stroked
lying down
completing small admin tasks


having a shit (sometimes not a small thing)

watering the garden (not a euphemism)


Walk around the park listening to music.


when the sun comes out from behind a cloud, especially if after rain


a proper hug. shit hugs make me feel worse.


A cup of tea


Sitting down, having been on my feet all day.


Instantly? A drink of coke. The following 3-300 minutes is not so hot.

The correct answer to this question is taking a dump.


When your contactless actually works and the four bars on the machine light up like the Aurora Borealis


Seeing my cats. Having a shit day and coming home to their little stupid faces makes everything melt away.


Cup of coffee


Who knew Googling was so Labour intensive?


When I replaced all my socks and boxers in one go it was a glorious 12 days.


The gf and I have been thru a rough patch. Last week we had a big heart to heart and when I got up next day she’d gone out and bought me a Bounty bar and made me fancy coffee. :grinning:

That confirmed we were definitely back on so I’m buzzing atm.


Shit yeah. When you’ve laminated a series of things especially, with each sheet of paper perfectly aligned and centered in the plastic. Euphoria.


Ronnie Corbett


I might do that, and get a new duvet at the same time for the ultimate hit