Small victories


Today for a change, I went into Sainsbury’s for the £3 meal deal. (This is where you get a sandwich, crisps/fruit and drink and the total price is rounded down to £3 in case you’re unaware of such things.)

I put it through the till. The total was £4.60 - I usually go for the most expensive items if I get the meal deal, for best value for my money. After pressing to finish and go on the self service till it should deduct the £1.60 and I pay £3. But it deducted the £1.60 twice.

Being honest, of course, I called over the assistant. We put the items through again. Same result.
So he called over his line manager. She said: “Head office knows about this problem. There’s nothing we can do about it. Just tell him to pay whatever it says.”

It’s a small victory with which to start the day but I’ll take it.


Thanks for explaining what a meal deal is :joy::joy::joy: If I was anywhere near a sainsbos now I’d be in there to see if it was still going cheap.


Was it a particular combination of items that caused this quirk?


Hard to say but as Head Office knew about it already I assume that it’s any combination. Anyone near to a Sainsburys, or Holborn in particular, please try it and report back. I’ve informed my colleagues so I hope to have news soon of more bargain lunches.


The problem is I don’t want to be left with a Sainsbury’s Meal Deal since they winnowed the range of available sandwiches.


It’s a bit like getting on a bus in London and the card readers aren’t working so you save £1.50 on your journey. It’s not a big amount of money but the victory feels bigger. Probably due to every day feeling like a rip off.


It’s a fair point.


£1.50 isn’t anything. In the midlands you pay about £3 minimum to get anywhere. Noticed that London and Scottish buses are subsidised massively.

Victories: None.


It true, when I went to Warwick I was appalled by how the w. Midlands buses operated on a far inferior timetable for twice the price of a london bus


well having a sainsbos meal deal for dinner today


Wow, I am appalled and amazed. Especially as we in London can now change to another bus within an hour of the first one without paying extra.

I’ll still regard it as a small victory when the card readers aren’t working, though. Anything free or cheaper when it’s their error is still better than paying full price.


The cost of taking a bus from my small hometown 30mins from Cardiff into Cardiff cost more than getting the train from Cardiff to Bristol.


Holborn Circus? At the top of Fetter Lane?


Its so crazy, when I went to west wittering beach, the train from London to Chichester cost the same as the bus from Chichester to the beach, thought I had the deal of the year but the bus took that away from me


Same! What’s your stance in open barriers? I still pay because I’m a chicken but if I was braver I would enjoy that


Opposite Holborn Tube.


I always use my card even when I know barriers at both ends will likely be open. It’ll be just my luck to find a row of revenue enforces accompanied by police when I get off at the other end.


I caught a bus in Bristol a few years ago and the fare was like £4.50 for a single.

As someone who refuses to catch buses around Brum because it costs an extortionate £4.20 for a daysaver, I was fuming.

As for today’s small victory, I only got charged for 3 teas in the canteen, rather than 2 teas and a coffee. 5 pence to me!