Smallest Denomination of Coin You'd Pick Up of the Floor

Can see a 10p coin on the floor of my train. Not gonna pick it up but I think I would have prepandemic but don’t really use cash any more. Would pick up a £1. Maybe 50p, it’s been awhile since I saw one. What would you pick up?

Depends on the floor



(one trillion)




The only money I’m picking up is a wedge of unmarked, non-sequential £10 notes,

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50p maybe?

I actually found a pound coin the other day and it’s the first time I’ve handled any cash for months.

This except I wouldn’t know how to tell if it was marked or not.

Why not just bosh out your mark detector and give it a quick scan?

What’s a coin?

Not much, what’s a coin with you?


I always liked this song, so 1p I guess.

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10p. Useful for chucking in the car park fund that lives in the cupholder.


I regularly pay £1-2 for teeny tiny denominations of international currency, so probably quite small (if I didn’t already have it).

I’d say 20p in UK money tho.

£1. Always handy to have a few knocking around for supermarket trolleys.

If I’m tidying/hoovering the house and I see a copper coin on the floor I will often just put it in the bin, as I have no use for copper anymore. Is this morally reprehensible?

I did used to collect them, and after about 5 years had enough to take them down to Morrisons and feed them in to a machine that turns them in to store credit. Got about £7 if I remember correctly. But lately life just feels too short to bother with this. Plus I now only get about three copper coins per month so it would take me about 20 years of collecting.

Coins piss me off tbh, wouldn’t bother


Given that I earn £2.50 per second, I’d actually lose money by picking up any kind of coin.


^clearly needs to work on speed of coin picking

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