Smart car advert

It can’t be clicked off and stops you posting.

Well annoying


Then buy a smart car

Bought 2, adverts still there


found this as well. I’m going to buy some dumb cars, that’ll show 'em.

clever smart car

What a horrible wee shit of an advert.

Fatal mistake. You’ve only encouraged them.

had to enable adblock to say ‘this is also happening to me :octopus:

this advert is a menace to society, makes the site a pain to use

oh sorry, let me just refresh the page so I can post this comment

I too came here to express negative sentiment towards this ad and the notion of a car that is cleverer than me.

Yeah, that fake ‘x’ which doesn’t close it but clicks you through instead is a menace


The pop-ups are ridiculously disruptive right now.

It’s after me now! Like bloody Christine


smart car advert on the smart car advert thread

Trying to make money off our misery at their intrusive attempt to make money. Truly these “Smart” people have no honour at all.