Smart meters


Has everyone (eligible) for a smart meter had one?

I am still hesitant. Especially in this snoopy world.

Why are they free…whey are they spending a fortune on advertising to encourage me to have one? Why do they want me to have one so much?

I am probably being paranoid but please convince me otherwise.


This is weird. One is being bolted on to my house as I type; Mrs McAwesome agreed to it a few weeks ago but I’ve always been suspicious…


We got one the other day and my brother and I were wondering, imagine if they’re designed to use up loads of electricity and that’s why they want you to have one? We took it out yesterday but I forgot to compare, will update you on the smart meter conspiracy theory


Smart meter?


don’t have one. don’t particularly want one.


thanks that would be useful - you are now sending data to someone 24-7

Check for microphones.


Got our electricity one fitted in this summer. On the hottest day of the year. The two lads who fitted it were on Ramadan so had to spurn my offers of water as they toiled away at it. Poor chaps.

I haven’t looked at it once since we got it tbh. Just get the quarterly statements from Eon and they still look alright. We’re incredibly parsimonious with electricity and gas anyway.


We’ve got one. It should in theory help us save money but our bills have gone up twice since we’ve had it installed.


Is this the thing that tells you how much energy you use?

My dad has this and then he goes LOOK and turns on the kettle and it goes right up into the red

my mum has always made us live in a house with all the lights off so i can imagine this is just making it all worse




Yeah, I don’t min popping out and checking the meter every 6 weeks or so and updating the readings online. Might email the electricity board and tell them I’m happy to continue doing that forever to save them the expense and hassle of installing me one…

Saw something on Watchdog a few weeks ago saying that because they want to install one in every home by 2020 or whatever it is, they’ve got a right bunch of cowboys on the job doing all sorts of botched installations that are setting fire to people’s homes and whatnot.


I agree with most of those points.

I don’t agree with the quacks claiming that they will give you brain damage.


The Telegraph ain’t a fan of the old smart meters. Now there’s a surprise.


I’m a bit tinfoil hat about all this sort of shit. See also ‘The Internet of Things’ and talking to your appliances and whatever.


We were going to get one but when we called up to arrange to have it done there was a problem. I don’t know what the problem was. Maybe something to do with the fact we’re on economy 7?


you have been spared


got hassled by british gas about getting one installed for ages. eventually relented and booked an appointment, and they told us we couldn’t have one. nice one.


Might also be to do with you being in a block of flats. Sometimes the existing meters and supplies were not separated properly.

Smart meters should be able to cope with economy 7 rates.


yeah I would be really sceptical about these from a consumer protection, data protection, etc. pov

wouldn’t trust energy companies with anything


EDF are all over me to get one - they’ve phoned, written to me and emailed probably 20 times so far this year. Don’t know what exactly their motivation is.

Resisted their offers as a) some of the issues linked ^upthread, b) I’m planning on leaving EDF when my fixed deal runs out in November and c) if a mega corporation is trying to get a customer to do something then you should probably give serious consideration to doing the opposite :+1: