What’re they all about then? Talking to a wee box to turn your heating on or clean my underpants or whatever. Anyone got one set up?

I can only imagine the havoc it would cause if someone hacked your smart home.



I think a box of wee would have a hard time cleaning your underwear :wink:


Read once about how everyone visiting Bill Gates home (I think) gets a smart card that’s programmed with things like their preferred level of lighting and heating temperature, and that the rooms adjust accordingly as you enter them. Sounded good but I think the cards are programmed hierarchically so if you’re low level, the preferences of higher level people coming into the same room as you override your choices which would be quite annoying.


dunno if it counts but I have bluetooth controlled light bulbs, lights come on and off as I enter/leave my room, start flashing when I have a notification


We’ve got a Nest Thermostat. We got it when we got a new boiler.

It is handy for turning the heating on if you get home earlier than expected or are working late. Or just when I’m lazy on the sofa. It’s also intelligent to know when to turn in based on outside temperatures to reach its target.

I can’t see the point of if rival that turns off plugs etc.


That’s nuts. Are they LED?


Yeah think so, they change colour too, and can change in time with music


This sounds like pure hell TBH.


Yeah not a fan of disco mode but in general colour changing light bulbs are life enhancing