Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 7pm (11th dec)



Classic and World of Light sound and look fantastic.
WOL is apparently nonlinear but still has cutscenes and a storyline
Pair those with the base game and an improved online experience and this game is gonna knock it out of the park:


Officially gassed


Another preview.

Looks like in Classic Mode each character has a different boss then.
Duck Hunt Duo’s boss is a big beast from Monster Hunter :rofl:


me and my atd already have a 3 day itinerary for release day, including an 8 man smash tournament (we’ve invited some of the nerds from the local vidya shop lol), which modes we’ll be playing through on the first day, contingency measures in case one of our copies doesn’t arrive etc.



I am happy for the amount of enjoyment you’re going to get out of this game, profk




Any tips on how to handle the smell?


Dab a bit of Vicks® Vaporub on your philtrum. Or on their perineum.


I don’t even have a Switch, @profk’s enthusiasm is the only reason I stayed in this thread after a general curiosity (haven’t had a new console since the Wii, but love Smash Bros).


Enthusiasm or a chilling account of my rapid descent into madness?


Hopefully the former, though if the latter so long as you are still posting ITT at least you know there are people who can get you help.


The only help I need is a smooth and enjoyable release day. Have to work in the morning and am hoping my m9 won’t have opened and started playing before I get home :frowning:


Take his Switch to work with you, this is the great advantage of their portability.


Fuck, that’s evil.

I like it.


Would be quite heavy. Maybe just take all the controllers instead.


Settled on decharging his console the night before and locking my room (containing my switch plus charger) and taking his charger on a little walk to work with me


Love it!

I’ve compiled an extensive list of the fizzy drinks and snacks I’ll be purchasing.

My enthusiasm is matched only by the depth of my wife’s embarrassment.


i’ll fight you!

(in an online smash bros battle on a day of your choosing)


Havent looked into much of the online stuff but it’d be cool if we can setup a fulltime Smash lobby for DiSers like in Mario Kart.
I’m up for Smash tournaments if anyone else is.


Looks like some copies have gotten out already: