Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 7pm (11th dec)


Can someone please check on @profk, I’m not sure he can handle this level of excitement


This time next week!



Last sighting of the prof


He’s gone to Japan to buy one of those limited edition Smash Amiibo Mega Boxes.


As if he doesnt have them all already :grinning:


I made this :slight_smile:



If anyone wants a cheap Isabelle ammibo (and some other guys and a wiiu disc you could use as a coaster) this bundle is only £3.45


Cheers, bought…


Cheers, bought… [2]


Cheers, what the fuck is an amiibo?


Stupid little plastic figurine characters that are normally about £8-20. They have chips in them that alter the gameplay in Nintendo games when you he’d on the NFC point.

Usually it’s just costumes, stickers, etc. Cosmetic stuff. Some do really good things like unlock levels, give you hearts or secrets or have shortcuts to DLC. They work in multiple games too.

In Smash Wii U, you could train an amiibo to mimic your abilities, meaning if you wanted to hard s harder fight, you could effectively battle yourself. I tried it a few times and it was pretty good. Not sure if they’ll have that feature this time or not, but worth buying one to see if it gives you ‘the bug’ or not. Pray it doesn’t, as there are about 100 of the bastards


Reckon they’ll have the ammibo stuff in the new one too but using spirits to alter stats. Would be nice if wiiu stats I’ve got for some amiibo carried over.
This deal sure beats paying 15 quid for a smash amibo of Isabelle.


You could sell Digby and the game to CEX for £2.10 cash as well, making Isabelle just £1.35.

Cheers for this btw


bought. mainly cuz I might main isabelle based on what i’ve seen. only other amiibo i have is Ness, who I also got on the cheap (3 euros on sale here a while ago), and they both annoy the macho sword guys.



Ive got loads, got a good number cheap during the wiiu failure pre switch launch period. Also picked up rare ones cheap in Japan. These days I use nfc stickers so save £ but tempted to get ridley, snake and Simon.


Oh man, I’m going to buy this and then moan about not getting the love for the game at all for the next 3 months, aren’t I?


Who the hell is isabelle?

I’m gonna play as wario and samus.