Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 7pm (11th dec)


Isabelle has arrived. She looks quite wistful.


Looks nervous - like she thinks someone’s about to start a fight


Metacritic predictions anyone?
Mid 90’s methinks.




62% Avoid.


69% Nice.





Bet he’d actually turn up to defend his title occasionally.


Feeling some very palatable excitement for this today pals. Proper kid on Christmas Eve anticipation. Can’t wait.


“Some men just want to watch the world burn”

N.B. This isn’t me - I’m not THAT loopy!





Preload complete. Roll on the 7th


I haven’t added anyone as a friend on switch yet, but it seems like I have to manually input some sort5of 16 digit friend code that can’t be copy pasted, can this be real???


You gonna play at midnight then?


I have friday off work… i mean im meant to be finishing my move but i guess i could play smash instead.

Drowned in smash friday pm or saturday. Yay or nay?


There’s a spreadsheet on the main Switch thread with our friend codes.
You can also add people you’ve played against online or friends who’ve linked their twitter or Facebook to their Nintendo account.
Easy enough.


could possibly do either nights, but both nights will need to include my housemate


I booked Friday off too but getting physical and no midnight launches here so have to pickup from store Friday morning.
I’d be up for Friday/Saturday fights after I’ve unlocked a few of the characters.
Been thinking we should do 2 Dis rooms: one with everything on (all items etc) and one for tournament rules (profk room).