Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 7pm (11th dec)


I wonder if we can even set up rooms? Either way we shall brawl




Think I saw somewhere that you can do lobbies.
Hang on and il look it up.


Aye can do lobbies with diff rules.


Nice. So what do we call the dummy lobby thatll stop profk from playing with us?


he’s a LOT better than me at smash, too. never bothered with wavedashing, but I could probably count on both hands the number of times I’ve beaten him when he’s playing fox in melee.


Call it ‘anyone for Mario Kart?’ for the laugh :wink:


Ah ffs :laughing:
Wavedashings not in Ultimate right?

Also I’m not into e sports but would love to see what the pros could do with Ultimate.


there’s a version of it, but at this point, it hasn’t been proven to be very advantageous.


At least they’ve ditched tripping after Brawl!


re: competitive smash, yeah, me too. melee will never die, partly because of the nostalgia, partly because its such a good spectator sport, but there are loads of pros that are saying they’ll give ultimate a shot.

wanna see a mango - zero match early gates



I’m on paternity leave so count me in for Friday, should be able to jump in and out :muscle:

At a wedding Saturday though so will need to give that a miss :sob:


as a ness main in melee this is :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


I’m crap playing as Ness but flecking love Earthbound so like to play as him a bit. Love the Mother level and boss in Subspace Emissary.


there are some chars I literally can’t take more than stock off when playing as ness, but he’s my guy. baseball bat, unpredictable recovery, really nice airs, has a yoyo.


2 days left




400mb filesize


Classic Nintendo, shipping unfinished games