Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 7pm (11th dec)


does it run smoothly on 8 player?


I’d love to play Smash Bros, but it would only distract me from managing Bath City in the Vanarama National following promotion from the Vanarama South. I’m doing all this on Football Manager 2019, out now for the Nintendo Switch.



I want this game inside me


Just the cart?
Box would be an impressive feat .:rofl:


this is no time for clowning around woody.


Seemed smooth to me. Obviously there’s lots and lots going on screen, so it’s quite difficult to judge. Saw no real delay or frame-rate drops, to be honest.


Box masks the vomit inducing taste of the cart.


I licked the BotW cartridge and didn’t think it was that bad.





Smash bros ultimate - 93%
Smash bros for Wii U - 92%
Smash bros brawl - 93%
Smash bros melee - 92%

…I wonder if they actually play the game before writing the review




Yoshi + Pikachu please.


Finished my move just in timr for smash.

Here is my new battle station

Prepare to be pwned noobs


damn I bought this game cos of the hype even though I really shouldn’t :frowning:


yeah you should!


$$$ though


tbh it was the single player that sold it to me, just seeing all those little battles with the dumb stickers swayed me