Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 7pm (11th dec)


Then worst case, you’ve got a Nintendo Jukebox to take with your on your walks :slight_smile:


it’s the first game I’ve got on release day since Zelda so I’m pretty excited actually! Time to be a child again tomorrow


For newbies


No one is actually going to use a switch as a portable media player are they? Size of the thing


reckon I might actually!

Going to cancel Spotify this month. Once I borrow some Kozelek CDs off my mate, this should cover the rest of my listening needs.


If I commuted on trains/buses I would prob. As it is I’d have to take it to work where I do most of my listening tbh. Why isn’t it just a standalone swit h app though? Hell, it should be included with the online subscription.



(One of my most listened albums of the last three years is the Zelda Symphony. That and some Splatoon tracks would totally do me for a year or two.


Good news for you


Just can’t imagine the hassle of having headphones going to the switch in my bag or whatever, like surely you can just get that stuff on your phone


I will be purchasing this. I still regularly listen to the botw soundtrack at work, it’s a masterpiece


I just want Nintendo to start releasing stuff like this on LP. Preferably in lavish box sets.


With demos and studio outtakes of Koji Kondo recording his farts for laughs as bonus LPs


Phone lives in my pocket anyway, bag isn’t much different in location/placement tbh. Your own experience may vary.


Happy to Help


I want to hear someone do a mundane Kozelek style song in the the persona of Link in Breath of The Wild.


That’s CD though. A few unofficial orchestral LPs about of course.


Whoops, so it is. I meant this one

Yes, official LP would be amazing though. It’s my favourite game series for music bar none.


Aye that’s been on my want list for a while now.
All these other companies getting lavish LP pressings and Nintendo lagging behind. Even bootleg LPs of Nintendo game music are going for crazy money. Only Nintendo one to sneak through due to Sony owning the music rights was Earthbound/Mother series orchestral LPs.


Fuck that’s good. Green and purple rupee coloured vinyl…


And a die-cut sleeve.
Oh and Mario v Rabbids got an LP pressing but they couldn’t use the Nintendo characters in the artwork. But the cover is Rabbid Mario with a fuzzy felt tache, so swings and roundabouts!