Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 7pm (11th dec)


suppose I better give this a try


Wow that’s the best intro since Soul Blade on PS1


Think ya man bammers is sold already


Ask them all who their favourite character is. Go on.


Got a blanka sticker just for pressing the a button!


Lost my first game of classic mode lol! How do you block again?


If I got Smash Bros, would I be able to play as Solid Snake, and spend the entire battle hiding in a cardboard box?




The main menu music is so :ok_hand: :heart_eyes:


Well played Nintendo. You may have my money.


The fighters unlock at a decent clip and I’m loving the loosely themed battles in Classic mode.


ZR/ZL to get your shield up and then a direction while holding those down to dodge


LZ or RZ


just cleared classic mode for the first time :slight_smile:

this game gives you so much stuff it’s overwhelming! Looks like there’s bespoke achievements for each mode in the game too to give you a reason to actually play everything!

Little medal against Mario for beating classic with him too…just enough to make me want to go through and beat it with all of the characters at some point.

Seems like they thought of everything!


Leaving for the weekend at about 1pm today. Package due to arrive anytime before 9pm apparently. I have not planned this well


Where the fuck are the council :tired_face: i want to go home



  • You don’t like fighting games you idiot
  • On the other hand, you do need another controller

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Really jealous of those of you who’re playing this right now. Don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a game and it’s the first I’ve pre-ordered since I was a kid. Any thoughts on the new characters?

Got an email to say my copy’s in works mailroom so might get a chance to have a quick go over lunch.

My friend code is SW-7547-6001-4525, gonna add it to the spreadsheet.


Game cube controller? Ahm oot


Oh my god this is good. My face hurts from smiling so much