Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 7pm (11th dec)


should I play some more?

Worried that maybe all the characters will feel the same :frowning:


I’ve only really played as Kirby so far. Gotta save the World of Light, innit!

Looks like the inklings have to recharge the same way as in Splatoon itself, which is a lovely touch.


They definitely do not all feel the same. I can assure u


just played a bit with sheik, definitely had a different more agile feel. I think this one feels better than the wiiu one?!

The only thing I still don’t like is how long it takes to turn around if you’re locked into accidentally attacking in the wrong direction, which I am all the time :slight_smile:


Spent this morning playing world of light, unlocked 4 characters. Whenever I’ve jumped out of adventure mode a few more challengers have appeared, so you unlock characters very quickly.

Found adventure mode a bit overwhelming to start with, with all the spirits and additional features. But it clicks quite quickly, and is pretty fun/satisfying to play!

Really struggled with the controls on my joycons. Think its a mixture of being used to dark souls over the past month and only ever playing with a GC controller. Also feels a bit unresponsive at times, but not sure if thats me being shit or a legit issue… like sometimes i’ll try and roll left and I’ll go right, or I won’t quite nail the smash move timings. Slowly feels like it’s clicking though.




God i dont remember how to play this at allllll


If it was a pro-controller I’d be down. GC? Nah


I’m actually pretty shit at Smash Bros as I’ve never had my own copy and just played the party game with mates. Will playing the single player reintroduce me, give me some tutorials and get me up to speed?


Like would be good if I could go beyond button bashing and doing the same move over and over


I think single player modes throw you straight in (as far as controls/gameplay goes). Adventure mode does anyway. But looks like theres a substantial how-to and help section.

In terms of specific move sets you can look these up for each character, I unlocked Villager and had no idea what he did so this helped! You can get to it from the adventure mode menu at least, but its in the help section as well I think


If you go into controller options, there’s a test button that lets you play around with a punchbag - whenever you press a button or combo, a prompt comes up to tell you what you’re doing. There’s also training mode for practice. No tutorial as such that I’ve found though.


First impressions

TLDR: amazing.

  • combat feels really satisfying
  • quicker than 4 which is good
  • each character seems to have a lot more going on for them individually in terms of moves and playstyle
  • k rool is ridiculous. Face char so far
  • music is incredible
  • stages are insane
  • had plenty of ‘OMG!!!’ Moments this morning which bodes well

We haven’t touched world of light or classic mode yet. Just doing vs and have unlocked about 10 fighters.

So, so happy with this.


Really struggling with Simon, which is disappointing. Doesn’t suit my play style at all, but gonna keep at it.


ok as resident dis smash guru, any pointers?

. There’s 3 basic attacks and 4 specials is that right?

. I’ve noticed you can dash in the air but can’t do a move after until you hit the ground.

. The shield is annoying because you have to stop completely still to use it which means you just get hit, any way to get better at this?


There’s more than that. For instance if you jump in a direction, take your finger off the joystick and press a you’ll do a directional air. If you keep your finger on the direction you’ll do a side air. If you’re jumping facing away, you’ll do a back air (hard to pull off but generally really good). That’s in addition to all your ground attacks with a. Then you’ve got your ranged b and special b attacks. Then you’ve got your smash attacks with the right stick. There are so many variations on attacks, and different ways you can pull them off.

Re shielding, what I do a lot of is short hop (tap y or x or the joystick in the direction you want to move in very lightly, and then shield. You’ll do an air dodge.

Honestly the best way is to keep playing and experimenting. It’s the deepest fighter around for a reason


Wii fit trainer is maybe my third fave fighter :smiley:


wait what’s this right stick jazz? the right stick actually does something in smash?!?!


Also, rolling is key. Dash in a direction and press shield. You’ll roll past or away from characters and out of their attacks quickly


Yeah, they’re your smash attacks