Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 7pm (11th dec)


Yes. I totally understand.


Literally none of that makes any sense. None of it.


Hearthstone makes sense as well! where, aping WoW, druids have become the OP armour hoarding tank class, pushing out Warrior leaving them with little or nothing to go on and ruining all class identity.


i dunno to be happy that despite never playing the game or knowing anything about LOTR I know exactly what this means


Shhhh. We’re trying to make Epimer feel back here.

(doomed to fail, as he knows we all love his presence)


I’m not doing Christmas gifts this year


Same. LOTR books and movies - fine.
Convoluted card games based on those ip - not for me Clive.


oh no - the books and films are unmitigated shite, I love any game with humans vs elves vs orcs though


He is very very good tbh.


Fuck, you were my last hope


Be patient, he’ll probably hate it and report back as such.


Haaaa ha ha ha haaaa


looking like my mains will be k-rool, diddy, ness, wii fit trainer and maybe roy.

had a load of people round to play tonight and was so much fun :smiley: didn’t do a tourney in the end, just 6 player with items and final smashes on, random maps.


Not unlocked many but so far im rocking Kirby, Marth and Ness mostly


Smash purchased for 50 quid digital thriygh that instant gaming link. See you all online. I need to go practise


I’m guessing my best option would be pro controller? I do have some old gc controllers but would need the adaptor. Not sure if I have my wavebird still


Kirby’s rubbish.


He soooooo isnt


Hammer smashing every foe into oblivion… VICTORY


having fun?