Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 8pm (30th January)


For any newbies I’d recommend doing World Of Light first. If nothing else it will familiarise you with the game and a few of the different characters and their play styles.
The official site gives a nice little overview of everything. Not an encyclopedia!


For the non-newbies here… what mode are you going to start with? Feel like I’m gonna be paralysed with choice on Friday!


You know I want to get stuck into World Of Light too as I don’t want spoilers. Plus it might be the quickest way to unlock the full roster.
Bit of that then classic and spirits one I’ve unlocked some of my faves. Maybe a bit of online.

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She’s the mayor’s assistant in Animal Crossing. Just about the most enthusiastic and positive animal you can imagine existing.

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At least you’ll have a Nintendo Jukebox out of it if you hate the game :slight_smile:


I’m gonna destroy her with Wario. annihilate her.


:frowning: mean


vs mode against my housemate. doubt we’ll get into wol over the weekend, considering we’re hosting a tournament the saturday.

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you unlock a character every 10 games on vs mode apparently.

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I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this.

Think I might get a pro controller too

I had/ have smash on the GameCube, but owning that console coincided with having young kids and me not really getting the most out of any games I had on it. The lack of anyone to fight on it in real life didn’t help


this has done me


Still massively undecided between buying a pro controller, buying a wireless adapter and using my PS4 controller, or changing my order to the limited edition with the gamecube controller.

  • Pro controller - £55
  • Adapter + PS4 controller -£15
  • Limited edition gamecube controller + gamecube adapter - £40

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In the long run the pro controller has the edge here imho as you can use it with the vast majority of games plus theres no way of Nintendo hobbling it with a firmware update like they may do with 8bitdo stuff. Gamecube controller is good but depends on if you really only want to use it with Smash, bit pricy for one game.


Yeah I think it is a toss up between pro and limited edition for me. The thing is I already have my old gamecube controller so will have two for multiplayer, which is ideal I think.


i’ve ordered a 19 quid adapter jobby by Mayflash, and am using old gc controllers


Mate you can buy GC controllers for less than a tenner on ebay. And GC adapter is the same.

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my housemate has ordered me this as a xmas gift :slight_smile:

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But getting a GC Resi 4 controller and it’s not this one:

FFS :wink:


almost bought this after payday so many times.

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