Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 8pm (30th January)


the game shop doesn’t open til 10am tomorrow :frowning:


Okay cool, cheers!


Were all playing between 5 and 10am though…

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I will be playing from 7pm tomorrow, will add a load of you as friends tonite if that’s OK :blush:

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Same, gonna go on a spree today and add anyone im missing from the google doc.

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Is anyone playing from midnight tonight and wants to take the responsibility of creating the DiS lobbies and updating the details to the spreadsheet?


So excited for tomorrow. Will add my code to the spreadsheet when I next get to my Switch. Don’t have any irl pals to play with.

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94 on Metacritic when I just checked, but has now disappeared!


oh fuck, someone remind me I don’t actually like fighting games


You, like me, don’t like fighting games. We like Stardew Valley.

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Always knew JeuxActu was a quality journalism outlet.

Also, @Epimer is right… Stardew FTW!


This is true. I need to finish the Community Centre over Christmas.

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Well excited about this now. Gonna mash so many buttons all weekend :hugs:

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Love to work in ‘the industry’ :wink:


Not enough spreadsheets. 5/10 :rofl:

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man, these guys suck