Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 8pm (30th January)


wanted to like the WiiU one but it was totally pointless single player


everyone needs a treat now and then man.


personally I love that you have to unlock all the characters too! 70+ would be super intimidating at first and I’ll get those old school Tekken 2 & 3 feels


This was one of two things that sold it to me. The other was the iPod feature. £50 for a dedicated Nintendo Spotify app is totally worth the money for me (n.b. my financial situation probably doesn’t reflect anyone elses).

Did you buy digital or physical?


The Wii U game was soulless. This one feels different in the promotion.


How did that turn out for Drago in the end? :thinking:

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defeated communism by losing deliberately.


I read something about this. What is it? I can’t work it out


It allows you to turn the screen off, put it in your backpack and use it like an iPod, and make your own playlists from Nintendo’s entire back catalogue of songs. Except the results are a bit mixed if you don’t have a hard carry case I read; maybe they’ll patch it with button lock to stop the Switch banging around skipping tracks.

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Think I’m gonna be strong and resist this. Not sure there’s enough to make it my bag. But I am… so… tempted…


digital. was cheeky and got it on cdkeys



Omg. I pretty much skipped all the smash build up as I was convinced it wasn’t for me but that there is pretty awesome.

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I mean, I last played smash at uni on the game cube and loved it. But that was back when I played games in a room with my mates and had time to properly master it. Now I play at home on my own and struggle to get more than a couple of ours a few times a week. Is there any point me getting smash?


Yes. It’s simple to pickup. Works as either a party style brawler, a serious fighter with depth or now a solo adventure game.

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fyi i’ll be leaving the thread at 1am just in case any of you digital losers decide to start playing at 12:01 gmt.

it’s been a wild ride, guys. a pleasure to have served with you.