Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 8pm (30th January)


If it supported Bluetooth, I would


Back in Smash bros news: just got my email to say Smash is ready for collection in the morning.

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Obviously not strictly Nintendo but related as its Grant Kirkhope, you can get the Banjo Kazooie soundtrack on vinyl. Gutted I missed the limited edition run. Insanely catchy soundtrack


Banjo for Smash!
Edit: wouldn’t be surprised if this is dlc.

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Oh yes.
Had to get the thread back on track somehow :grinning::grinning:

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Let’s do this!

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So I’m bad at Smash.
Online feels pretty solid (after one game and then retreating to Classic mode)
Looks great and runs so smoothly.
Back to bed for me.


Its been so long since I played brawl or melee, and have spent so much time on dark souls recently, that I’m really sucking atm. Jumped straight into world of light and seems cool so far, lots to take in and kinda tough actually!

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Haven’t played since the GC days, so I’m way out of my depth.
Got an old mate coming over tomorrow (today I guess), so hopefully get a decent grip on it. In any case, it is just a joyous game.

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Man, the number of unlockables is incredible. Enjoying World of Light so far even with a fraction of the tracks unlocked the sound test stuff is incredible to look through.


And the first dlc character is joker from Persona 5 (no, really)

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Online seems okay - only played 3 matches, one had a single lag spike, otherwise fine. I even won 1 in sudden death!


I want the council to turn up to collect my jumk from my old home so i can finally play it


are we doing some smash tonight?

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First in a queue of about 15 utter malcolms


I’m going to head to Game to get a copy now - hopefully I’ve not fucked up by not preordering

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no worries - they had loads of copies


Ur gonna end up playing it before me
Im still waiting for the council to pick up my trash