Smash Bros Ultimate - Drowned in Pound Tonight at 8pm (30th January)


don’t you need the big pokeball to do that and it’s like a super?




my whole life has been a lie!


out of the chaps I’ve played these are my ranking from best to worst:

  1. Kirby
  2. Mario
  3. Jigglypuff (that roll attack is tricky!)
  4. Sheik (she seems a bit weak)


Only had the chance over lunch to play for a half hour but seems great.

Really like the new bit where it slows down and zooms in when you KO someone.


Is wario the world champion yet?


Been playing mostly Kirby so far in the adventure mode. Getting to grips with his move. I hope I can get to grips with <- -> and stand still b combos I keep on wiffing them


Haven’t even seen Wario yet!


Not gonna be able to play this til Monday now. Rubbish


I am IN. What time are we saying for online play tonight?


Omg I want to go hoooooooooooooooome


Hey smashes, just taking a break to check in with everybody.
Spent most of the day playing World of light. So many great and funny scenarios :rofl:
Did one play through of classic mode also, the credits alone could be a great game in its own right.
So much to do!
And Joker from Persona 5 is the first dlc character - bizarre.
A step up from 4 for sure.
Amazing game!


I have set all my taunts to High energy! Move that body! or Dunktastic!

Make no mistakes. They both mean Fuck You


Joycons just don’t feel right for this. Getting the pro tomorrow


Really enjoyed the couple of hours I’ve spent in World of Light. Unlocked the characters one by one gives you a chance to try them all out. There’s enough challenge for having not put many hours into it since Brawl. Gonna order a gamecube adaptor just need to hold out until Christmas and dig out the old Gamecube controllers at my Mums.

Did anyone else pick-up the E-Boxer 4 port one?

Need to cancel some social obligations this weekend.


Not absolutely loved one since Melee but had fun doing a couple of the main modes co-op with a pal.

In terms of the main adventure modes or campaigns etc, can you still do them two player?

Never been much of an online gamer and it’s not the kind of game I’d be inclined to ever play alone really


so far it seems like the exact same game how I remember the gamecube one, which is absolutely fine by me.

i am rubbish with samus and good with DK.


Electroplankton stage is a mare without a good recovery. Can’t grab the edge.


Right fuck it
8.30pm Smash



just shouted Booyakashaka when i slammed charizard into the screen. Booyakashaka.